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Hey Guys, I'm Nik, a Gold Coast based wedding photographer. I'm 29 years old, an ex Australian swimming team athlete, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Screen and Media and I'm now a full time wedding photographer.

I really can't put into words the love I have for my craft and I guess I prefer to let my photos do the talking, but I'll say this, creating the most gorgeous photos of your day that stand out from the crowd is my highest priority, its all I truly care about and my entire life is revolved around it (literally). I'm not in a relationship, I have no pets or any distractions that take my focus away from my photography. The photography at your wedding is quite literally my only priority. I've intentionally created a distraction free lifestyle which allows me to put all of my love and care into your wedding day so you have the best possible photos to look back on in the years to come.


I pride myself on producing photographs that have exceptional composition and colour which gives your photographs visual impact and makes them stand out.

I'm very aware of how important this day is to you and your partner and to be given the role to photograph your wedding is something I hold in very high regard and don't take lightly.

Creating a good relationship with you and your partner and making sure we get along (which I'm sure we will) is super important to me as it results in more fun when we're hanging out throughout the day. I don't want you guys to feel as if you have a photographer at your wedding, but more a good friend that you're comfortable to be hanging around and chatting to. I do love a good bit of banter.


In terms of my style, I do shoot very candid throughout the day to ensure every natural moment is captured in its purest form but I definitely like to be involved in your day pretty heavily, especially during the planning phase as it results in higher quality photography throughout the day.

I'm a huge believer that the main priority on your wedding day for you guys should be to have fun, be in the moment, spend as much time as possible hanging with your friends and family and to soak up as much of the energy as you possibly can throughout the day. The day will go by pretty quickly and I don't like to make you guys spend a big chunk of it away from everyone taking portrait photos.

On the topic of portraits, I'm not a huge fan of forcing you guys into hundreds of "intimate" photos especially if that's not really your vibe. Instead I like to get you guys a handful of nice, natural, casual photos of you guys together around the beautiful areas of your venue when the light is right as well as a couple of banger "more posed" photos and then we'll head back to the celebrations after 15-20 minutes. We won't make a big deal out of this part of the day and if you guys are after hundreds of portrait photos, I might not be the photographer for you as I don't really make this part of the day the major focus.

When booking me, your experience will be very personalised. We'll discuss your vision for your wedding day and plan the photography specifically tailored to it, this includes, detailed planning of the photography, the editing style, scheduling of the photography throughout the day, styling plans, colour palettes, ceremony timing and location options around your venue (to ensure lighting is at its best) and everything in between.

My style does involve giving quite a bit of direction to ensure your photos are as good as they can be, but this is generally during prep (making sure you're getting ready in good light, etc), family photos and for the portrait photos we do. The rest of the day I'll be out of your way capturing everything as it unfolds.

If you like my work and would like me to photograph your wedding, send me a message through my contact page or email me at and let's start chatting everything about your wedding!

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